May 12, 1972, is an interesting date in Minnesota Twins history. The Twins were playing the Milwaukee Brewers when the game was stopped after 21 innings due to the curfew. The two teams resumed the game the following day with Milwaukee winning 4-3 in 22 innings. The losing pitcher was Bert Blyleven in relief. Blyleven then trotted back out on the mound to start the regularly scheduled game. Some Twins lowlights in the first game include the late Danny Thompson tying an American League record by going hitless in 10 at bats. Danny Darwin chipped in with 0 for 9.

The Twins won the second game, and that one lasted 15 innings! The teams played 37 innings of baseball in two games over two days. That's the equivalent to more than four regulation baseball games.

These two franchises apparently like to play each other. In July 1969, when the Brewers were the Seattle Pilots, they played an 18-inning game that finished the following day. Then they went out and played another game. That was 27 innings of baseball in back-to-back games. These games were of note as the winning pitcher was Jim Perry and the losing pitcher was John Gelnar in both games.