One of my favorite shows on Food Network, is Diners Drive Ins and Dives. I find it interesting some of the things that are served up around the country, depending upon where in the country host Guy Fieri is. The south has their favorites and the west. He has been to Minnesota a few times, too. Mostly the Twin Cities. I sent in a request for him to come to Faribault, but we will wait and see. Here are some of the locations and some details.

  • Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown. The narrowest restaurant ever. And busy. When you finally get to squeeze in, you better eat quick. There are many people waiting behind you for a great meal. So popular, they don't list a website.
  • Psycho Suzy's Motor Lounge 1900 Marshall St. N.E., Minneapolis. When you need a tropical break from winter, this is the place to go.
  • The Nook in St. Paul is barely wider than Al's Breakfast and would be the place to go if you want lunch or dinner in a very narrow space. They line up for the burgers and fries.
  • The Town Talk Diner was in midtown on Lake Street, but closed in 2011
  • The Wienery in Minneapolis -- if you want hot dogs, they have them. You just have to decide which of the many ways you want them. Good breakfasts, too.
  • Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis is where the hipsters go to bowl. They have a restaurant along with the lanes, and you can also see live music, comedians, burlesque and other shows in their theater, and the annual Big Lebowski Halloween party is something everyone should do at least once.

That's just five of the many places that have been featured. More soon.

Dylan Rives