Well, it was suggested that we do some blogging. This is somewhat outside my comfort zone. But sometimes doing something different is good for the growth within yourself.

So, I actually went online to find out how to blog. And like anything else online, there were many, many suggestions and places to look, even a "Blogging for Dummies." Boy, they've grown, kind of like "Chicken Soup for the ______ Soul," some of which I wouldn't mind reading.

So, anyway, in the suggestions, they mentioned write like you would in a journal.  Well, I do write in a journal, which I find helps me get through some odd stuff or get those bad thoughts off my mind for a while. But writing in a journal or even my thoughts, I tend to wander. I write one thing down and something else comes to mind and off to another thought process.

The other thought is to write like you're talking to family and friends. Well, that means writing about my cats, quilting and gardening, or as my husband puts it "playing in the dirt." We will see where that all goes.

Other hints were develop a writing style. Does wandering thoughts count?

Also, keep it positive. That should be easy, especially when writing about my kitty cats, George and Boo.

A little strange but I wrote this all down before I typed it in. Yes, on paper with a pen. I've heard people say cards and letters aren't sent in the mail any more. I actually paraphrased that from what I wrote or it would have been much longer. I think it is done more than people think.

This is all new to me and a challenge, but life is about experiences and trying, so here we go. Good luck in reading. The sun is shining above... that means "Think Happy Thoughts."