Last week, co-worker John Connor stood up from his desk and walked outside and looked up at the sky. What? He did it a second time later that day. I wondered what was going on. When he did it a third time, I watched closely through the window. I wanted to see if his lips were moving. Was he perhaps saying "Why Me Lord?" Nope, his lips didn't move. Yesterday it happened again, but this time I had to ask. He took me to his computer and showed me the Flight Tracker website.

Try it out. It's fun. By going to this site you can look for planes about to go over Owatonna. Then go outside and watch it flying over town knowing where it came from and where it's going to.

This site covers the whole world. Look how heavy the air traffic is in spots like Chicago, on the East Coast and Europe. Then compare it to Africa. There's quite a difference. I do believe there is air service to North Korea, but I haven't seen any yet on this site. You not only can track airliners but also some private planes.

This could come in handy if you're expecting Grandma to fly in from Dallas to Minneapolis at 5PM for Christmas. By using this website you can sort of get an idea as to whether the plane is on time or not.

Go ahead and try it out. But keep in mind it might not be safe at work if you insist on going outdoors every time a plane passes over.