Well, we've been told we have to make a list of our top five posts of the year. I'm using no criteria, just throwing out five that came about on slower news days.

  • 1

    National Cat Day

    Folks on the web seem to have a thing for cats. So meet Ginger the cat, who keeps my playhouse (man cave) mouse free.

    It's National Cat Day
  • 2

    Taking a Selfie

    I could be wrong, but I think people are finally tiring of taking selfies. Or at least I hope they are.

  • 3

    Ideas That Probably Will Never Come About

    I think these ideas make sense, but I doubt they'll ever come about.

    Loren Hart / Townsquare Media
  • 4

    A Make Believe Honeymoon Using Minnesota Towns

    Years ago my best man married a woman from Barron, Wisconsin, and the headline read "(blank) takes Barron woman as wife," and that's where I came up with this silly idea.

    Susan Prentice
  • 5

    We Minnesotans Have Our Own Way of Courting

    There are certain things we tend to talk about in Minnesota that would seem strange to anyone from some other part of the country.

    Konstantin Yolshin