Flooding is the most common natural disaster. Flooding occurs along rivers, streams and creeks, basically anywhere from a significant rainfall that could cause water in basements. Mike Johnson, Emergency Management Director from Steele County Emergency Management, sent a press release on tips to prepare for and reduce potential flood damage.

The first tip for flood control is to purchase flood insurance. Generally, flood insurance is a separate insurance policy. Talk to your insurance agent for more information.

Here are some tips to keep flood water from damaging your home:

  • Clear gutters and drains that will carry water away from your home.
  • Clear storm drains near your home of leaves and debris. Water collecting could cause flooding with a heavy rainfall.
  • Install and maintain sump pumps. Consider one that has a back-up battery-operation in case the power goes out.
  • Have a plumber install sewer or septic line check valves, which allow waste to flow only one way and will prevent sewer back-up in the home.
  • Fix leaky roofs and foundation cracks to prevent weakening the structure and mold.
  • If you live on a slope, install French drains that will collect water and divert it away from your home.

One more preventive tip to keep water from damaging your home includes before water accumulates in your home, shut off power at the electrical panel.

Never stand in water to do so. Leave it alone if the area near is flooded.