So, wow, good game. Back and forth scoring, not lopsided at all. The fight at the end of the game was not so good. I did root for the Patriots. I thought I would just watch the game, but I seem to pick a team eventually.

The halftime show with Katy Perry and guests was pretty good. I don't know her music, but the big tiger thing and the animation of the stage was cool. The different character dancers and the "flying" was all cool and different.

On a personal note. We have only antenna TV, no cable or satellite, and sometimes NBC doesn't come in very well. So, we were finally successful getting NBC to come in, then we'd walk away and then it goes out. But, nope, just a commercial.

Speaking of commercials. Pete Rose had a good one, I don't know what it was for, but it had a good punchline. Also popular it seems this year, cars and reading the ads. Another note, I can't remember a repeat ad.

Another personal note, my husband and I played cribbage in the second half of the game. He beat me all three times. He also had a great crib with 24 points. We both put in an eight and seven then a nine was drawn. Impressive. I did have a crib with 17 points. I don't remember the cards though.

The good thing is I did not get skunked or double skunked.

The sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.