Here's a look at some old electric fans that have ties to Minnesota. They were either made in Minnesota or came out of Southern Minnesota institutions.

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    Queen Super Blower

    This Queen Stove Works Super Blower was made just down the road in Albert Lea. They're the ones that made the Super Fan or the fan that looked like a suitcase. I'm aware of only one other of these fans. It was used to cool migrant workers at a farm outside Hollandale.

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    Herzog Heater Fan

    This is one ugly fan but it was made in St. Paul by a foundry called Herzog. It's a heater fan from just after the second World War. It still works.

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    Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

    This is an old one. It came out of the Owatonna Library. Other than a crack in one of the original paddles, it appears to be intact. This was made in 1925 or '26. Perhaps one of your ancestors sat under its cooling breeze in the library some 90 years ago.

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    1954 Vornado

    This fan came out of Mayo in Rochester. Another case of OSHA saying it wasn't safe so an old-time employee hauled it home and then passed it on to me. These fans were the last made in the U.S.A. and were patterned after an airplane cowling.

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    Barcol Fan

    This Barcol fan was used to cool employees at Federated Insurance in Owatonna. It dates to the early 1940s. When OSHA said it was unsafe, an employee took it home years ago and her daughter gave it to me many years ago. It's made of a super-lightweight material called Bakelite.

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