Leftovers in your fridge are the source a late-night snack or a last-minute science project. But we found an award winner in ours.

My wife is a good cook. She will work up a masterpiece from a bag of frozen vegetables, a chicken and some noodles. Our teenage son will make several trips back for seconds, while she carefully prepares her plate as if to take a picture for a magazine. I am somewhere between those two extremes.

A couple of years ago her workplace held a chili contest. So she went through the fridge and found a little bit of this, some of leftover that and a couple of jars of why-did-we-get-this. She worked her magic and created her "Everything But The Kitchen Sink" chili, which won the People's Choice award at the company.

Then they asked her for the recipe. Well, she didn't write it down. She just grabbed ingredients that seemed like they would work. So it will remain a mystery, but she made another batch of standard chili this week. And it is also award-winning in my mind.

The fridge also offers a great chance to witness different perspective. Our son will look into it and lament, "There is nothing to eat." When our college daughter would return home for a weekend she would look into the same fridge and proclaim, "There's so much food in here."