Sunday, Sept. 27, a Supermoon was in the sky. It was the fourth of the Tetrad, meaning that four total lunar eclipses happened in a row. They also will tend to have a red hue, earning the nickname Blood Moon.

Supermoon appears larger than normal, and it last happened in 1982. The next Blood Moon lunar eclipse will happen in 2033.

The first two were in April and October of last year, then again in April this year and on Sunday.

To get a photo of the Supermoon, even as big as it appears, is not that great of a shot with a digital camera, as I have tried many times. We tried an experiment that really did work to take a good picture. The red hue did not work though.

So, we took the telescope outside and then put our digital camera up to the lens and yep that did the trick. In the picture you will be able to see the telescope lens. It is not the full moon because it was too big, but the eclipse is visible. Our neighbors took a picture of it with her phone; and that turned out great. Of course, we can't resist trying to take it with just the digital camera as well. That just doesn't work, it looks like a speck of light on something dark. Sometimes you can see shadows of the trees.

On Saturday, we took a picture of the moon, which turns out the best when the sun is just beginning to set.