From alligator on a stick to walleye tacos, you can nearly eat your way through the alphabet at the Steele County Fair.

With more than 100 food stands, the variety of food available at the fair is enormous. Some food combinations are intended for the thrill seeker. Plenty of options are available deep fried and on a stick.

Deep fried alligator on a stick and alligator sausage are both available. The Knights of Columbus offer their famous brat burgers again. There's a burger dog for those with an identity issue. Calamari might be a good candidate for the next "Will Jerry Eat It?" episode.

Cheese curds, mini donuts and corn dogs will always be within sight, along with deep fried everything. Oreo cookies, pickles and Twinkies will all be deep fried at the fair. Green beans, green tomatoes and even pumpkin pie will also get the deep fried treatment.

For a Minnesota favorite, try hot dish on a stick, from the Ole and Lena stand no less. There's turkey legs (no additional stick needed). Hamburgers are only on the official list once, but there is also the donut burger and pretzel burger. There at least a half-dozen listings for tacos.

For something sweet, go for the elephant ears, fudge puppies or monkey bread. No animals were harmed in the creation of these treats.

Vietnamese iced coffee will cool you off a little. Though with the forecast of highs in the 60s and windy conditions at times this week, some hot chocolate might be sought after, though it's not on the list.

Mini donuts and all your favorites will be available at the Steele County Free Fair. Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media