I saw the big announcement Tuesday that Twitter will live stream Thursday night NFL football games this fall. Then I found out the full story.

We don't have cable TV. So when I heard that Twitter would stream the Thursday night football games I got pretty excited. Then I learned that they will only stream the games that are also on free TV channels CBS and NBC. The games on NFL Network are not part of the deal. How silly of me to think we would get anything free from the NFL. I have little doubt that the day will come soon that the NFL playoffs become cable only.

Thank goodness for sports on the radio. That's how I heard the ending of the NCAA men's basketball championship game Monday night, though I was able to watch highlights of the winning shot very quickly afterward on Twitter. It was on the radio Tuesday that I heard the Minnesota Wild fans boo their team off the ice after their fourth straight loss. A short time later on the post-game show I found out Nashville beat Colorado to allow the Wild to get into the playoffs. I suppose if the Wild make it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals I will get to see a game or two on free TV, otherwise I will be enjoying the call of Bob Kurtz and Tom Reid.

My connection to the Twins is also through the marvel known as free radio. You can hear all the Twins games on KRFO AM 1390. If you are traveling outside our listening area, dial up KDHL AM 920.