There are a number of ways I know it is harvest time!

  • 1

    Long Days

    During the fall harvest you will see combines and other equipment in the fields at night. There are a lot of lights on equipment these days!

  • 2

    Corn Dryers Steaming

    The corn was not quite dry enough this year to go into storage, so we see a lot of corn dryers steaming this fall.

  • 3

    Dust in the air and on the combine

    There is a lot of dust floating around corn and bean fields.

  • 4

    Frosty Mornings

    When you have corn stalks covered with frost in the morning, you have to wait until it melts and dries off. Wet, frosty corn leaves going in the combine will plug up the sieves. If that happens, all the corn just goes out the back of the combine and onto the ground.

  • 5

    All the leaves on my lawn

    All my neighbors have mowed and mulched or bagged their leaves a couple of times since I started harvest. Mine  are all there yet because I have not had time. I am hoping for a good wind to blow them onto my neighbor's yard!

  • 6

    Kernels of corn in the clothes dryer

    When I get out to the farm I head up to the house to change clothes. When my farm clothes get dirty, I throw them in the trunk and take them home to wash. You know it is harvest time when there are kernels of corn in the dryer.

  • 7

    Two-fisted drinker during harvest.

    Yes, you might need a little boost during the long days or nights. So, I might become a "two-fisted drinker." That would be coffee and Diet Coke!

  • 8

    Locally grown apples in the grocery store

    Another sign of fall for me is locally grown apples that are available in the grocery store. I prefer caramel apples!

  • 9

    Lots of cheese sandwiches

    Another sure sign of harvest is lots of cheese sandwiches. Sandwiches work well because you can drive and eat at the same time!

  • 10

    You need to catch a power nap

    Another sure sign of harvest is you are tired and you need to catch a "power nap" when ever you can!