The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources hosts the annual "Take a Kid Fishing Weekend" June 5-7. Minnesotans 16 or older don't need a license while fishing with a child 15 or younger.

The DNR hosts this event each year as a way to introduce a child to fishing. You don't need an expensive rod and reel to have a good time. And for the weekend of June 5-7, adults don't need a license to take a child 15 or younger fishing.

The DNR website offers answers to some basic questions, including where you can fish, what you can catch and what to do when you do catch a fish.

The department also holds fishing classes through their "I Can" program throughout the summer at state parks. In fact, Minnesotans can generally fish in state parks without a license at any time. If you don't know what a backlash, jerk bait or sinker is, check out the DNR's fishing terms page.


Wetting a line is free to adults who take a kid fishing June 5-7 in Minnesota. Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media