Storm Knocks Down Dugout, Domes
The impact the continued winter weather is having on local sports teams and facilities is reaching the absurd stage. The wind from the weekend blizzard knocked down the first base dugout at Jeff Reese Field in New Richland, the baseball home for NRHEG.
Elevated Fire Danger Alert
The Good news. It's nice outside. Temperatures are in the 50's. The bad news, the National Weather Service says there is an elevated fire danger in many parts of the state.
Compared With Irma, Blizzard is a Walk in the Park
We Minnesotans pride ourselves on our toughness. Some wear shorts year-round. I don't wear a coat until it reaches 10-below zero. We brag about the winter storms and how we handle them. But we've got nothing on the people who live in a hurricane zone.

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