Elevated Fire Danger Alert
The Good news. It's nice outside. Temperatures are in the 50's. The bad news, the National Weather Service says there is an elevated fire danger in many parts of the state.
Compared With Irma, Blizzard is a Walk in the Park
We Minnesotans pride ourselves on our toughness. Some wear shorts year-round. I don't wear a coat until it reaches 10-below zero. We brag about the winter storms and how we handle them. But we've got nothing on the people who live in a hurricane zone.
Rain Friday Morning, Severe Weather Threat Later
The good news is that the rodeo at the Rice County Fair is happening wet or dry. Those cowboys want to try to earn their prize money and won't mind getting dirty to do it.
The National Weather Service says there is an enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening...
Another Threat of Severe Weather
Undated (KROC AM News) - Several rounds of thunderstorms are possible into Friday evening and there is another threat of severe weather and heavy rain, which poses a flooding risk due to the saturated grounds from this week’s earlier storms.

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