Lee Ann Womack

Aubrie Sellers Doesn’t Want a Quick Fix
Aubrie Sellers doesn't mind being compared to her famous mother, but she doesn't seek out the connection, either. The dark-haired, rock-influenced country-soul singer admits growing up with not one, not two, but three professional musician parents left her hesitant to make music of her own…
Top 10 Hilarious Country Music Tour Antics
Which country artist was put into a real-live cage before taking his place on stage? Whose concert was interrupted by a family of goats and a dancing bird? Which singer returned to her tour bus to find a headless eel (ewwww!) in her bed?
One-Hit Wonder: Sons of the Desert/Drew Womack
A college band first but as members changed, the band moves and signs a record deal: Sons of the Desert, according to cmt.com.
Sons of the Desert started as a bluegrass band from Waco, Texas, in 1989. Drew Womack joined in 1990 as lead singer and rhythm guitar...