Faribault Woolen Mills Has Big Day
The one day warehouse sale at Faribault Woolen Mills was exciting. The owners said there were long lines before the doors even opened and when I got there to set up there was a steady stream of people going in and a steady stream of people coming out. You would have thought there was some amazing bl…
Falcons Get First Season Win Over Wingers
It was a chilly rain soaked night in Red Wing on Friday. it was still raining a bit during warm ups and there were puddles on the sidelines. But it's high school football in Minnesota. And as long as there was not any lightning, the game goes on.
Two Charged For Stealing From Impound Lot
Four people, two adults and two juveniles, recently allegedly got together and planned how they could make some cash by breaking into cars in an impound lot. They are believed to have cut a hole in the fence, breaking into the lot and breaking into vehicles...
Hiawathaland Transit Is Expanding Service
Hiawathaland Transit announced that they will be expanding service in Red Wing, Northfield, Lake City and Wabasha! As well as extending their dispatch hours. Please see below for details:
Go to their website here:
Extended weekday hours and adding Sunday starting August 1st...

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