I like to think I have an open mind. I am happy to say my kids do, too. They have tried some of dear-old-dad's favorites. And I have followed their advice on current culture.

I was checking out Netflix the other day and stumbled across the M*A*S*H TV show. I said to Aaron, "Hey. You should watch this with me. It's about a surgical hospital during the Korean War. It's a comedy." The irony struck me right away. We watched a couple of episodes and he liked it.

We saw the SNL 40th anniversary special last month. Eddie Murphy's appearance was utterly disappointing, but it got us talking about him in his prime. I suggested we watch 48 Hours. Again, Aaron enjoyed the show. We will have to cue up Beverly Hills Cop soon.

He has talked me into trying some of his computer games. I'll admit that I enjoy playing HearthStone, which is a web-based card game. Years ago, he wanted me to play Pokemon with him, and I fell asleep just about every time. He is also trying to get me on board with reddit.com, which is where he gets all his news. And he is usually ahead of me with the top stories of the day.

My daughter, Cynthia, encouraged me to listen to the current pop music when she was a teenager. I even chaperoned her and some friends to a Fall Out Boy concert. I enjoyed the show. Except for nearly losing some of her friends when they stormed the stage at the end of the show, the night went well.

She has developed an interest in sports at my urging and was a stats person and manager at times for her school's football and hockey teams.

I think I'll keep listening to my kids' advice. And I hope they pretend to keep listening to mine.