Historic Downtown Owatonna welcomes Sundays in the State with a summer movie series. A movie from each decade will be shown two Sundays a month at sunset at the former State Theater Space, 215 N. Cedar Ave., in Owatonna.

The first movie was Singin' In the Rain.

This Sunday, June 26, will be To Kill A Mockingbird, starring Academy Award-winning actor Gregory Peck. It's one of my favorites. Taking place in the 1930s, siblings Scout and Jem live in Alabama and meet Dill, then try to spy on a mysterious neighbor. Their widowed father is a lawyer and is representing a disabled black man. It was released in black and white in 1962.

July 10, Rocky with Sylvester Stallone is a boxer training hard to fight for a heavyweight championship who meets the love of his life. It will go on the big screen again for Sundays in the State. It was released in 1976.

On July 24, Harrison Ford as Dr. Indiana Jones goes on a search for the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis find it in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Directed by Steven Spielberg, it also starred Karen Allen, some snakes and Indy's famous whip and hat. This is a 1981 action and adventure film and is sponsored by Block Plumbing and Heating.

Aug. 7, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen bring Woody and Buzz Lightyear to life in Toy Story from 1995. The story of toys coming to life until a human comes in the picture, then they fall where they stand. First Woody has to convince Buzz that he is a toy, and that's where the fun begins. Voices also include Don Rickles and John Ratzenburger. The showing is sponsored by Federated Insurance.

Released in 2000, the last movie of this season on Aug. 28 will be Remember the Titans. Getting us ready for the high school football season, this takes place in the early '70s and Denzel Washington stars as a football coach newly assigned to a team in its first integrated season. This film is sponsored by Dagry Tooling Inc.

Movies will be shown at dusk. Remember to bring a lawn chair and/or a blanket.