The Steele County Senior Citizens of the Year for 2016 have been named. They are H. Peter Baxter of Owatonna and Barb Mrotz of Ellendale. They will be recognized by the Steele County Exchange Club and the fair on Thursday, August 18, at 6:30PM in Fair Square Park.

H. Peter is the curator of the Antique Print Shop at the Village of Yesteryear. He acquired most of the antique equipment in the historical print shop and is the developer of the interpreter program, which he delivers to the public.

Barb has been a longtime volunteer with the Ellendale Area Heritage Society. She has served as the group's president since 1989. Barb is also a contributing editor for the Star Eagle newspaper and a member of the Steele County Emergency Response team. A number of years ago, Barb led a campaign that consisted of contacting former Ellendale High School class members in regards to contributing to the moving of Gus' Station from Ellendale to the Village of Yesteryear in Owatonna.