When my family and I moved into a new house in February, we were excited. More rooms, more storage, a garage!

At first, everything was great. We unpacked. We settled in. We remembered which drawer we kept the spoons in and which cupboard we hid the Oreos in. We got the furniture set up at just the right angle for optimal TV viewing.

Then something weird started happening when we flipped the light switch in the master bedroom. At first, it was just a quick flicker, and a faint glow when the ceiling fan ran. Then the flicker started running for longer periods of time and greater intensity. Now, it keeps going for up to 10 minutes after you turn the light on, putting on quite a show, and the lights are nearly at full strength when the fan runs, even if they're turned off.

Of course, my first thought was that we have a poltergeist, even though our house was only built in 1991, so it's not really old enough to have any kind of history.

Luckily, our poltergeist keeps itself contained to the master bedroom light fixture. I'd hate to have to clean up more than I do.