There is a new epidemic of cheating on our significant others in America. It is watching ahead on a TV series when the other person isn't around.

While I was away covering high school sports over the winter everywhere from Winona to Mankato, Albert Lea to Duluth, my wife was watching the second season of House of Cards. And to think, I was the one who got her interested in the series. As the sports season was coming to an end, she repeatedly encouraged me to finish the season so we could enjoy the third season together. Then one night we binged on Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. I believe we watched five episodes.

I'd like to mention how season two ended. But I can't. I also can't tell you how Breaking Bad ended. However if you haven't seen Bad you have missed the best TV series of all time. I hear good things about Better Call Saul. But don't tell me anything. I haven't had time to really get into Game of Thrones yet. But we should all know that main characters die constantly in that series. Long gone is the time when we all gathered around our TV sets to watch the final episode of Cheers or Seinfeld and talk to everyone about it the next day.

This all makes for awkward small talk around the holidays or on summer vacation with mixed company. You have to be careful not to reveal to someone within earshot a big plot twist they haven't reached yet.

Thanks to various streaming services and DVDs, it is not too late to start any of these shows. It was just announced that a fourth season of House of Cards is coming to Netflix. I suppose that means that Frank Underwood must not die in the end of season three, but you just never know.


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