December 21? Huh? First things first, let's get to this weekend. A winter weather advisory has been issued for our area starting at noon Saturday and continuing until 6PM Sunday evening. It appears to be lining up for us to get our first measurable snowfall of the year.

I've checked around on other weather services websites and spotted one predicting 8 inches of snow by Sunday afternoon. Another was saying 8-11 inches by later Sunday. Our weather service is predicting between 5 and 6 inches from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, with the heaviest snowfall occurring Saturday night.

Once the snow ends, we can get set for quite a stretch of cold weather. High temperatures in the single digits starting on Tuesday, with overnight lows in the single digits below zero. I checked out a few other weather services and several are saying we don't get back to a high in the double digits until December 21, and even then they were saying low to mid-teens for highs through Christmas. Of course that all can change, but for now it looks like snow followed by more than a week of below-normal temperatures.

Better make sure your snow blower is ready and position your snow shovels by appropriate buildings because it looks like they're gonna get used this weekend.