Here's a little combo of stories and some trivia that perhaps you didn't know. I'll provide the answers at the end.

1.Charles was one of the earliest if not the earliest settler of Goodhue County. He farmed many years outside nearby Pine Island. He never met his famous cousin and it's said that he never talked about him either. Charles died in 1929 two years before his cousin who was and still is one of the most recognized names worldwide...


2. This member of baseballs Hall of Fame is in my opinion a good  candidate for a movie. As a young man playing baseball, a tornado struck back home killing his parents, his siblings, his wife and his two children. He wandered aimlessly and wound up playing major league baseball. It was at least 10 years before he told his second wife about the tragedy of his first wife and two children. It was a sports writer from back home that spilled the beans...After the death of his second wife he remarried... It was about 5 years before he told his third wife of his first wife and her death along with that of his children and siblings. Try to keep a secret like that from your spouse!!


3. This well know Minnesotan invented an artificial heart in the early 30's.


4. This former major leaguer is buried a few feet from former big leaguer Roger Maris in Fargo. Ken's best year was when he hit 25 home runs. He might be best known for his step son who had pointed ears, fangs, slicked back hair and was always seen in shorts.


The answers... Number one is Charles Edison, cousin of Thomas Alva...Number two is Edgar(who changed his name to Sam) Rice... Rice also changed positions from pitcher to outfield at age 27. Number three was probably the easiest... Aviator Charles Lindbergh. Number 4 was Ken Hunt who was step father to Butch Patrick. Many of us remember Butch as the actor who portrayed Eddie Munster on the Munsters.   Well, there's some obscure stuff to talk about at work tomorrow. Want some more?