2016 has been a good year for SMART Transit. This fall they were named Transit System of the Year. Ridership in 2015 totaled around 185,000. Through the first week of December ridership in 2016 had topped 200,000.

Starting in January they will be adding a bus for Owatonna during peak hours of 7-10AM and 2-5PM. Rides will cost $2.00. The morning additional bus will then add a trip to Blooming Prairie at 10:30AM and offer dedicated service within the city of Blooming Prairie till 1:30PM. There will also be an additional run to Blooming Prairie between 1-2PM Monday through Friday.  Rides in the city limits of Blooming Prairie will be just a dollar.

SMART Transit will also offer extra hours for Waseca by expanding hours of operation by one hour. The bus will now run 6AM to 6PM in Waseca.

The regular route service continues in Owatonna from 7AM till 9PM for $1.50.

You can find out more by calling (855)-762-7821 or check out the SMART Transit web site.