Admit it. The threat of the first winter storm is kind of exciting. The media, radio included, make it sound like the sky is falling. We might be right.

The string of 50-degree days is about to end with a strong gust of wind. In fact, 50 mph wind is possible on Friday, November 18, according to, for the Owatonna area. Fortunately Owatonna is playing indoors for the state football tournament semifinals in U.S. Bank Stadium on Friday at 2PM. The forecast is only calling for an inch of snow in the Owatonna area, but we know that can change.

I invite you to embrace winter. There is plenty to look forward to. Holiday time is great. Hopefully you have some good family time at Thanksgiving. I still enjoy Christmas shopping for the kids. My kids are grown, but I can still find some fun items for the Toys for Tots program. The Owatonna High School holiday concert is one of my favorite events to attend at OHS. The concert featuring the Carolers, symphony orchestra and concert choir is Tuesday, December 20, at 7PM.

A nice way to get into the holiday spirit is to attend the Festival of Trees at the Holiday Inn of Owatonna to benefit Advocates for Development Disabilities. The opening night event is Friday, November 18, but the trees will remain on display through November 26.

It's high school hockey season. So put on another layer, find your shovel and ice scraper and enjoy the season.

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    Winter Storms

    Assuming you are home safe and not on the roads, the biggest question becomes whether school will be canceled.

    Roy Koenig / Townsquare Media
  • 2

    Holiday Music

    Area high schools do a great job of putting on a show each year.

    Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media
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    Christmas Lights

    I can understand people putting them up on their houses when the weather is mild. But please wait until after Thanksgiving to turn them on.

    Roy Koenig / Townsquare Media
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    No Mosquitoes

    This summer and fall was especially bad for Minnesota's unofficial state bird.

  • 5

    No Humidity

    I'll take a clear, cold, calm day over a day with the miserable humidity we deal with each summer.

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    Whether it's youth, high school, junior, Gophers or Wild, I can't seem to get enough hockey.

    Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media