I propose a shootout.

Saturday, the Faribault Falcons and Austin Packers had an exciting game at Riverside Arena in Austin, and it was a pleasure to broadcast. The game ended tied at 4 after regulation and went to overtime. Faribault did score and won the game 5-4 in OT, but in high school if nobody scores in the extra period then the game ends in a tie. In wrestling, they have tiebreaking criteria. In fact, I think they have seven different tiebreakers they can go to. I would love to see a shootout for high school hockey tiebreakers. I’ve mentioned this to various coaches in the area, and they aren’t too keen on the idea. Frankly, I think it would be exciting for the players and fans. What do you think?

Should there be a shootout after an overtime period in hockey? Vote below. I’ll give the results in a week.


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