The Steele County Sheriff's Office was notified of sewage in Beaver Lake on Saturday. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources along with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency were also summoned. The PCA response team worked around the clock to remove all surface contamination and pinpoint the source of the contamination. The PCA also collected surface, underwater and lake silt samples, which were sent out for testing.

As of Sunday it was estimated that 3,500 gallons of lake water and contamination had been removed from the lake. Lab results will be used to determine the type of contamination as to whether it was caused by human versus animal. Any associated bacteria strains that are present should also be determined. Lab results are expected back by mid-week.

The Steele County Sheriff's Office contacted homeowners around the lake to alert them of the situation. The entire Beaver Lake County Park is closed and posted. This includes the beach area along with the adjacent park, playground and shelter.

Residents are reminded that neither pets nor people should enter Beaver Lake waters as of this time.