My sense of direction needs work. Growing up when we would go for rides with mom, it was the back roads, and she would take a different route there and home. Every so often she would say, "I'm lost." Boy, we would cheer. That, however, would not last, and within a few miles mom would say, "Oh, I know where I am." We still tease her.

Way back when, a person asked me how to get to the Minnesota State Fair grounds. I told her the only way I knew and that was the side roads, not the freeway. The directions worked because she found her way and back home again. So it seems if you take the same route enough times, it does stick.

I made my way to Kaplan Woods for only the third time probably because I do wonder how lost I will get, but what a place to get lost in my thoughts. I felt pretty good. I only had to turn around once because I did recognize a particular tree trunk from early in the day. I was testing myself, trying to take a different route out.

There is an egg in there