I was more concerned about dealing with traffic on Monday than any emotional farewell we might have when my wife and I took our son to the University of Minnesota.

Turns out the traffic wasn't a big problem and our time apart was short as my wife had to make a trip to the U the next day with all the stuff he forgot to bring the first time. It seems the food plan didn't start until Wednesday, so like a bird waiting for its mother to bring him food, Aaron was in need of nourishment too.

When we approached the university Monday there appeared to be a police blockade at the Super Block of dorms. Turns out the road was closed to everyone but those dropping off students. We arrived at our appointed time, backed into a spot and several student helpers had unloaded the vehicle in about two minutes and we were told where to park.

By the time we had crawled along to the parking ramp, Aaron had called to say all his stuff was in his room. That's a far cry from what I remember about moving my daughter in to her second year at school. My son and I drove a van without air conditioning in a heat wave to central Wisconsin. Then we lugged her stuff up three flights of stairs without any assistance from a fleet of college kids.

We have faith Aaron will adjust to his new environment well. I, on the other hand, may need to be led to a small, padded room if one more person asks me about having an empty nest.