I sure enjoyed going down to the Steele County Fair on Thursday afternoon. Not that it wasn't fun Tuesday or Wednesday, but it sure was nice to have a warm day with sunshine. It was a tough start to the Steele County Fair due to rain the first couple days. It looks like there will be pretty nice weather through the weekend. The Fair Square Park is always a busy place with all the free entertainment.

If you want to see old friends you have not seen for a while, just spend an afternoon at the Steele County Fair. Be sure to head up to the Old Iron Show on the east end of the Fairgrounds. The Village of Yesteryear is really fun, too, with all the old restored buildings. You cannot help but think about what it was like to live in those times, no computers, cell phones, or air conditioners. By the way, the fair food is good, too. So far my favorite is the taco in a bag from the 4-H food stand by the livestock barns.