Owatonna is the testing ground for a one-of-a-kind stunt airplane. John Klatt Airshows has been flying the aircraft in town to prepare for a nationwide tour.

"...most amazing thing about this airplane....1929 biplane....the jet noise...the two things don't compete together."

-Jeff Boerboon, pilot

The airplane, a Taperwing Waco biplane made famous by barnstormers of the 1920s and 30s, adds the modern twist of a jet engine that will amaze spectators with amazing sights and sounds.

The pilots are John Klatt and Jeff Boerboon.

"We like to say we are feeding our wild side...I've done a lot of wild things...We sit there in a hover...climb straight out of that...over 8,000 feet per minute straight up."


KRFO Radio's Roy Koenig spoke with Boerboon:

Soaring with Sasquatch

The plane is disassembled and loaded into the Jack Links semitrailer for transit.

One of the stops on the national tour is Duluth, MN August 23-24.

John Klatt Airshows have thrilled millions of air show spectators across America with a unique blend of precision, power and performance. Be sure to check them out on facebook and twitter.