It's usually pretty easy to be in a good mood on a Friday. Plus I am going to my high school reunion this weekend. Then a nice thing happened on my way to work.

At the neighborhood coffee shop, the gentleman in front of me offered to buy my order. He simply turned to me when he stepped up to the cashier and said, "Let me get your order." I said I would take a large coffee.

I don't believe I know him. He didn't make eye contact or say, "Hi" beforehand. And it didn't seem like he wanted to talk about it. I did not ask him why he paid for me drink. I told him thanks after he paid, but he responded with, "Thank you." So I said, "You're welcome." He thanked me for buying me a coffee.

It was only a couple of bucks but it was a nice gesture and leaves me wondering why he felt like doing it. Now it's my job to find a way to pay it forward. Maybe by coincidence, or maybe not, I just got a call from an acquaintance who needs to find some storage space. My garage is way too cluttered to help out, but I will reach out to some people I know. At the least I could buy him a cup of coffee.

Do you have a similar story? Maybe someone helped you out unexpectedly, or maybe you were able to offer assistance. Email and tell us about how you paid it forward.