My daughter and I entered the lottery this week for the Medtronic Twin City Ten Mile. I'll find out July 19 if we win or not. I suppose I hope we win and get into the race on October 9.

If we do get drawn, that means I'll have to step up my training a little bit. Cynthia ran in it last year. I met her at the finish line and said I could do it next year. That was easy to say then, but next year is now. I have been running for several years and have participated in several shorter runs, including the Owatonna Rotary's STRIVE Wellness Run during the Steele County Free Fair. I have done several longer training runs and have mostly come through unscathed. I ran a couple of times while on vacation in Colorado recently.

Ten miles sounds like a walk in the park compared to some of the runs Cynthia has completed this year. In early July, she and her friends did a trail run in Hastings. She ran 15 miles while her friends conquered the 31-mile trek. I won't be able to cry on their shoulder if my feet hurt or I'm a little sore after the 10-mile run.

I prefer to call it a run then a race, which implies that I am trying to beat somebody. I will be happy to be running and not crawling at the finish line. If you would like to join our team, pick Team Jazzy in the online registration.

If we lose the lottery drawing, Cynthia plans to enter the marathon while I might sleep in that morning and enjoy a cup of coffee and the Sunday comics when I wake up. Still my fingers are crossed that we get in. I don't want to have to hear about her sore feet after a marathon.