Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church will be hosting its 75th annual Strawberry Festival on Tuesday, June 14, from 4-7PM. The church is on the Mower-Freeborn county line road. If you have a GPS, it's 30456 Mower-Freeborn Road, Austin, Minn.

The menu includes barbecue, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, baked beans, ice cream, beverages, and of course fresh strawberries with shortcake or angel food. Take out will be available.

I found my first red strawberry this weekend. This means I need to go on good behavior or suck up time to the mother-in-law in hopes of getting a strawberry pie. Yum. I ran across a little trivia about the strawberry. Those seeds on the outside are actually ovaries with another seed inside. They pack a wallop in regards to Vitamin C. There have also been some recent studies that show strawberries can help lower blood sugar spikes. This may be of interest to diabetics.

Though official numbers aren't available, it's believed China leads the way in production with about 2.1 billion tons a year followed by the U.S. with 1.3 billion tons. There's a big dropoff to third with Turkey taking the honors at about 302,000 tons.

Eat up, the strawberry is another one of those fantastic signs that spring is upon us.