I don't intend to bore you by dwelling on heart issues, but I need something to do and I assure you I'll switch topics shortly. Triple bypass Monday, home on Saturday and I decide to go to church on Sunday. Alas, for the wrong reasons though..Loren, you're up and about already? My you look good for what you went through... yeah, I went for the wrong reasons. Andy Warhol said we get 15 seconds of fame.. I wanted 20.

Sunday also marked the fun of prescription sorting. This offers a serious lesson. I, like many  of you have heard folks expressing concern about their elders forgetting or messing up their prescriptions... .I now understand.. It is easy. It starts with my wife and me in our underwear in a small bathroom with a bunch of prescription bottles and this chart with a description, name and dosage for each medication along with a black dot in the hour to take. I told you this can bring spouses together!! Feurobaba, 3 tablets, Feurobobo 2 tablets.. Wait you gave me the Feurobobo already, I need the Feurobaba..This isn't going to work.. I suggest we take all the stuff out and place onto a table.. In the process my wife drops the Plavix into the sink, she quickly scoops her hand down the drain to stop as many as she can while I yell " No Willie, No Willie! Bad Kitty, leave Daddy's Plavix alone" Go find your toy to bat on the floor and leave my pills alone, they're expensive."

I suggest a plan in which we take a bottle and find the same name on the charts, remove the correct amount and place on top of the black dots. And of course after you cover the last black dot, yell out "Blackout, I win a turkey! We had barely started when I realized this wasn't going to work as there was one more dot than prescription bottles. I had lost a prescription!! I picked it up at the Owatonna Hyvee Saturday and remember placing it to the left of the cabinet. The left hand side is for medications or oral stuff like aspirins, the right side is for cologne and smelly stuff I'm not likely to use and the middle section is for stuff  that probably shouldn't even be in a medicine cabinet. We never find it... It's back to Owatonna for another refill and 12 hours after starting I've finally taken my proper medications. Tomorrow is my next step... it's rehab time.. physical therapy. Not sure what to expect but imagine I'll be in gym trunks doing windmills and jumping jacks like high school?  Later..