The Medford High School spring musical, 1955: A Rock & Roll Musical, was fun, to put it simply. They put you in the mood for the program right away by playing a few '50s tunes before the curtains opened.

The show was fun because you knew the songs. Sometimes the lyrics were changed. For example, "Summertime Blues" was made into "Scholar Blues" and "Blueberry Hill" became "Blueberry Pie."

It was funny, too. You had to watch out for Bad Bert's Gang. I don't want to give it away but they did come out into the audience a few times, unexpectedly. But we also had a clue when they were on the way. The gang had some good lines, too. Also within the storyline are the Doo-wop Boys. They have a very important role and would show up to help out on the songs.

The story is good. There is humor, of course a few love stories. The story is about teens helping out the town.

Seating is assigned. The set-up is easy. They have the tickets on a chart that shows the auditorium and you pick the tickets out and pay.

The Medford High School Spring Musical, it's an original, 1955: A Rock & Roll Musical will show twice today, Saturday the second at 2PM and 7PM and once on Sunday, April 3, at 2PM.