This film footage from 1931 was just posted on YouTube.

Henry Ford was one master salesman, taking advantage whenever to get his product in front of the public.

The 20 millionth Ford rolled off the line in April 1931, with Henry and his son Edsel driving it off the assembly line. The car, which was a slant windshield town sedan, was then taken all over the country for publicity.

This car was later sold in 1940 to a man who lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In 2000 it was hauled out of a shed for restoring before being put on public display.

It's said this was the most photographed Model A Ford ever.

Could someone contact the radio station and let us know where in this film clip Owatonna shows up? Any details would be appreciated to help satisfy my curiosity. I'm just guessing, perhaps early on in front of that park shelter or band stand?

Pass this link along and see if we can find someone who might recognize a parent or grandparent in this footage. Might be kind of fun.

Can you spot which parts of this old film were shot in Owatonna?