On my way to work, I've noticed a little house and garage getting some major work done. Sadly they even cut down really big trees.

Our neighbors are also doing some renovations to their house. Boy it seems they start one thing and it turns into a bigger project. Sounds about right. Then they start another project so they may have a couple of projects at a time.

Home ownership is a lot of that. Renovations could be some major projects and some may be minor that could turn into major, but not always.

Sometimes renovations are not seen by everybody because they are inside. Could be floors, kitchen, bathroom, all sort of things. Sometimes lots of people see them because it is siding, windows or roofing.

Landscaping can be part of updating too. I try to put all sorts of perennials in the garden, that way there are fewer plants to buy.

The question is to do-it-yourself or hire people. Some could be done yourself but sometimes it is better to hire someone.

By the way, Restorations and Renovations workshops will be Tuesdays once a month at the Steele County History Center, 1700 Austin Road, in Owatonna. Some experts will be able to answer questions.

The next workshop will be on June 7 and will be talking about Exteriors and Porches.

  • Electrical and olumbing workshop on July 12
  • Plaster and lath workshop on August 8
  • Woodwork and trim workshop on September 6
  • Flooring workshop on October 4

The last one will be about interior decor on November 1.

Individual sessions for members are $10 and nonmembers are $15. Register at the History Center.

Good luck. Don't hurt yourself.