Owatonna Public Utilities tweeted out a customer alert early Thursday warning of a phone scam. Meanwhile, Faribault Police are dealing with a rash of vehicle break-ins.

Owatonna Public Utilities used Twitter (@UtilityOwatonna) to alert their customers to a phone scam occurring in Owatonna. The message included, "Alert! Phone scams are hitting Owatonna again." They indicate that if you are not sure it is OPU contacting you, please hang up and call their office number, 507-451-2480.

In a separate story, the Faribault Police Department, through a facebook message, is investigating a recent outbreak of vehicle break-ins. Earlier this summer the Owatonna Police Department issued its own alert to vehicle robberies. In that case they reported that vehicles that had been left unlocked were entered and items were taken.

In addition to locking your car, public safety officials offer these tips to safeguarding your vehicle.

  • Watch for suspicious activity in your neighborhood and don't hesitate to call 911. Such activity can consist of strangers loitering or juveniles out after curfew.
  • Write down descriptions of suspicious vehicles and get the license plate if possible.
  • Take valuables out of your car.
  • Park in well lit areas.

The Owatonna Police Department invites the community to take part in the annual Night to Unite event on Tuesday August 4.


Owatonna Public Utilities to alerting customers to be wary of phone scams happening in Owatonna. Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media