Maybe you believe in UFOs, which is an unidentified flying object. Lights, moving fast and big. Just what could it be?

National UFO Reporting Center or NUFORC, has a long list of sightings in Minnesota. Some reports have a long description. Others just a few lines.

There is another site to report sightings - Mufon, Mutual UFO Network.

By the way, NUFORC and Mufon are not the only people that investigate UFO sightings. The CIA and the British government each have a special force to investigate.

Yes UFOs have been reported in our area. The NUFORC detailed list is in date order. I wonder if some are the same sighting? Some dates have more reports than others. Are you ready?

February 2016: A report was made in Faribault that the sighting lasted for three hours and there are lots of details with 12 or more UFOs.

February 2016: A family in Preston had a sighting that lasted 20 minutes. The report said an object hovered over a field and vanished.

September 2015: Someone was traveling near Owatonna and noticed a bright white light with red and green lights beside it. The object moved very fast.

August 2015: Two people stargazing in Faribault with astronomy binoculars noticed a light and object. At one time it had gotten close and they noticed it was quiet. The two also noticed another set of lights but that appeared to be an aircraft.

August 2015: For one to two seconds, out walking in Owatonna, someone noticed a large white ball in the sky with a green tail that was very long. It was claimed to have been larger than a meteor and silent.

August 2015: A short report from Dodge Center stated that someone noticed a slim, round dish hovering in the sky for 45 minutes.

These are just a select few from our area in the past year. It doesn't seem that unusual to see something flying around out there. If we are not alone, let's hope they're more like E.T. than Independence Day.