Our little friend the wild turkey continues to pay daily visits to our place. It's been over two months since we became his adoptive family. Last week my daughter heard a noise on the roof outside her bedroom window. There he was, peeking in at her. He then moved down the roof line and peeped into my wife's bedroom. He later flew down and sat transfixed on our front door, which is all glass. The cat was on the other side.

I don't think we can really call Mr. Turkey a peeping Tom though, because I believe he is actually a she. We'll call her Tina Turkey.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we started out with two wild turkeys moving onto our property, but now there's only one. You can read more here.

Coincidentally, one of my guests on Talk of the Town this morning told me she had been attacked by a wild turkey as a young girl.

The fact of the matter is this is a creature of the wild and probably shouldn't be trusted. Yesterday it took up residence in the horse barn with the kittens. My daughter had chores to do but wanted the old bird outside first. So there we are, my wife is calling "here turkey, turkey" as if the bird is going to come out and follow her. My daughter then gets into the act and starts slapping her thigh and trying to gobble like a turkey. Even though I was the only witness to this event, I did feel my face redden. I'm so thankful we live in the country far from neighbors. It would have been funny though if a traveling salesman or Jevovah's Witness had stopped by; bet they would have left in a hurry. I should add that their antics worked because the bird left the shed and wandered off.

Tina Turkey also makes a daily visit atop the pile of bricks under the barn window. She stands there and stares. I suspect she thinks she's seeing another turkey. I wonder what's going to happen next.

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Here's Tina Turkey hanging out with the cats.