"To Paris (With Regrets)," a song from Paul Burch's forthcoming concept record Meridian Rising -- which re-imagines the life of "the Blue Yodeler," Jimmie Rodgers -- is premiering exclusively on The Boot.

"To Paris" is romantic and intoxicating, with a heavy dose of top-notch instrumentation, thanks in part to Fats Kaplin's violin skills.

"In the late 1920s, Paris was, for many artists, writers and musicians, the inspirational 'city of light.' Thoughts of taking such a voyage would have seemed both exotic and enticing for Jimmie Rodgers, enjoying his first taste of notoriety," Burch explains to The Boot. "In "To Paris (With Regrets)," a lovely inamorata invites Jimmie to begin his life anew in Paris."

As the song's lyrics explain, however, "thoughts of taking such a voyage" were as far as Rodgers would have gotten.

"Oh, I never will see Paris / But I hear you're going there / Won't you tell me what I missed? / Put it in a kiss and letter that you send from there," Burch sings. "I hope you send it soon / 'Cause I won't live another moon / If that's Jesus with my bell / Tell him to keep knock-knockin' 'til I get my mail ..."

Meridian Rising, set for release on Feb. 26 via Plowboy Records, loosely chronicles the life of Meridian, Miss., native Rogers, also known as "the Singing Brakeman" and "the Father of Country Music." The country icon crashed through genre barriers in the late 1920s, earning fame by blending pop, folk and blues ... and thanks to his yodeling.

In addition to Burch and Kaplin, Meridian Rising features the talents of Tim O'Brien, Billy Bragg, Jon Langford, William Tyler, Chloe Feoranzo, Garry Tallent of the E Street Band and members of the Nashville Symphony. Instruments used include everything from the clarinet to the accordion.

For information on Meridian Rising and Burch, visit PaulBurch.com.

Listen to Paul Burch, "To Paris (With Regrets)":

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