Todd Walkingstick is one of the biggest Vikings fans I know. He is usually not at a loss for words about the team, but the same can't be said for US Bank Stadium.

Walkingstick toured the new facility July 24 and looks forward to another tour in August and games to follow. He has been a season ticket holder for many years. He stands behind the team as an optimistic fan despite the number of heartbreaking finishes he has endured, including the most recent playoff loss.

His first reaction to entering US Bank Stadium was, "No words to describe it other than just unbelievable." Walkingstick was a fan of the Metrodome but says now he can't even imagine that it was ever there. He was told you can fit two Metrodomes into the new building.

Walkingstick has made trips to the site every month since the demolition of the 'dome to track progress. Follow him on Twitter @Purple_Stick for Minnesota Vikings updates and pictures. He is anticipates a successful 2016 season and believes the stadium will give the team an added advantage and boost.

He is looking forward to his 24th consecutive year of attending training camp in Mankato, which starts Friday.

Walkingstick also hosts a local sports interview show at called Beyond the Game. He interviews local athletes, coaches and sports figures. KRFO announcers Brad Fischer, Roy Koenig and Jason Iacovino all have been guests of his.