The Owatonna Tennis Association sponsored the first annual OTA Tennis Tournament July 25-27. 46 participants of all ages competed in seven different divisions. 

The tournament was held at the Owatonna High School tennis courts and the West Hills Tennis Center.  After 62 matches and 861 games, through sun, rain, and wind, the medalists were crowned.  The tournament was promoted by the Owatonna Tennis Association and Youth1st. Congratulations to the following winners:

12 and Under Singles:  1st  Ethan Engel; 2nd  Caleb Schuler; 3rd Evan Huemiller; 4th Caitylynn Bussert

15 and Under Singles:  1st Emily Rahrick; 2nd Cody Bussert; 3rd Vance Matejcek; 4th Leyton Matejcek

Men’s Singles:  1st Jerry Hartmann; 2nd Mark Rahrick; 3rd Eden Mrozek; 4th Derek Thada

Women’s Singles:  1st Brianna Hartmann; 2nd Tessa Rahrick; 3rd Sarah McCann; 4th Macie Tellijohn

Men’s Doubles:  1st Chris Herzog/Matt Herzog; 2nd Jerry Hartmann/Cal Tellijohn; 3rd Eden Mrozek/Jack Redman; 4th Tom Brage/Rick Degen

Women’s Doubles:  1st Brianna Hartmann/Tessa Rahrick; 2nd Marsha Stephens/Darlene Schesler; 3rd Ann Baldwin/Tawee Prepodnick; 4th Macie Tellijohn/Maiah Tellijohn

Mixed Doubles:  1st Jerry Hartmann/Brianna Hartmann; 2nd Cal Tellijohn/Gabbie Tellijohn; 3rd Mark Rahrick/Anna Rahrick; 4th Don Matakis/Ann Baldwin