A walk through a segment of Owatonna's history is presented as you go in the south entrance of the newly remodeled Owatonna Public Utilities building.

Hundreds of residents went on guided tours Thursday at Owatonna Public Utilities. About 150 people attended a reception on Wednesday as well. The open house signals the end of the re-purposing project, including improvements and expansion after the devastating flood of 2010.

A new vehicle service building is constructed above the flood plain. New energy efficient lighting is used throughout the facility. Former floor grates are used in the stairwells of the three-floor structure. New features include a fitness area that contributes to employee wellness. Cybex of Owatonna assisted with stocking the fitness center. Viracon glass was used in the building update.

The hallway leading to the south entrance/exit is filled with historical artifacts. The customer service area features a large open lobby. There are many conference rooms, named after boiler manufacturers. A new break room is designed to accommodate all departments.