Before taking to the ice at Albert Lea Arena on Thursday night, a group of Owatonna boys hockey players did a good deed to help out an Owatonna fan.

The fan, a former player, is confined to a wheelchair due to MS and enjoys getting out whenever possible. Owatonna's Wyonne Priebe took him to the game but found no handicap ramp to access the bleachers. At floor level he would not be able to see the game. Priebe asked a varsity player to help out and got a great response.

Coach Josh Storm said on Saturday's KRFO coach show, "They asked one of our kids to help. Well five of our kids went to help them." Breck Henderson and John Swenson helped the fan out of his wheelchair and up the steps to a bleacher seat. The other three were ready to assist if needed.

At the end of the game, Henderson laid down the sticks he was carrying to assist the fan back into his wheelchair. Priebe says, "I am very proud of the Owatonna varsity hockey boys." She also thanks Brian Wencl for helping get him into her vehicle.

Storm shared, "Our guys are fabulous. I love coaching these kids right now. They're such neat kids. There's a reason they've gone to the state tournament in football and soccer. These kids are special. They're not your run of the mill high school kids. They're doing stuff inside and outside of the rink that as a coach I couldn't be more proud of."

Owatonna returns to action Tuesday at 7PM at defending section champ Farmington with the coverage on Kat Kountry 105FM.