Effective May 6, Owatonna High School students face new security policies when they enter the school after a series of threats dating back to April 15.

All bags and coats are being searched as students enter the school. Bags, coats and hats must then be left in their lockers, according the Owatonna Magnet student website. Students can only enter through the main doors on Grove Avenue or the doors on School Street. Police presence has been increased, as has video surveillance.

An email sent to parents last week stated, "A threatening message was found inside a restroom at OHS by a staff member." The message continued, "After consulting with law enforcement, and school personnel, we believe the school is safe and secure. However, disruptive actions like this require school personnel to take measures to ensure high levels of safety and security for our school."

Long lines to enter the school at the beginning of the day have resulted.

Students also must sign in and sign out if they need to leave a room early. Athletes who need to arrive early for practice or workouts also must have bags searched by their coaches. Added security measures are only in place during school hours and do not currently affect after school activities.