The Owatonna City Council has approved a deer bow hunt for the city November 1 - December 14 in some wooded parks. The registration deadline is September 11.

The application fee of ten-dollars in non-refundable, and due to the Parks and Recreation Office by Thursday September 11 at 4:00pm.

All applicants must pass a proficiency test using the same equipment with which they will be hunting. Fifteen permits will be randomly awarded to those who pass the test. Hunters must be at least 18 years of age. Proficiency testing will be administered on September 20 and 27 from 3-6 PM at 20 Rifle and Pistol Club in Medford.


Anterless deer may be harvested in Hamman Park, Kaplans Woods, Kaplans Woods Parkway, north Straight River Park Area, Mineral Springs Park, Leo Rudolph Nature Reserve, Manthey Park, Maple Creek Parkway and Driessel Park.


See the full list of rules at the Owatonna Parks and Recreation website.