Here's a look at some ads from Owatonna businesses and the surrounding area in 1976. It just seems hard to think of 1976 as being more than 40 years ago. How many do you remember? Some are still around. These came out of a Plat Book Directory and as a result the advertisers had a farm background as a rule. Next week we'll go back 50-plus years and look at some businesses in Dodge County.

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    Cycles, Tractors and Lumber

    Alexander Lumber is still going strong 40 years after this ad. A Google search shows Hiniker is still doing business in Mankato. Any of you still driving a Kawasaki purchased from your Owatonna Kawasaki dealer?

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    Homes and Funeral Homes

    What's fun is to Google the addresses of these businesses and see what's there today. Scotti looks to have been where Owatonna Motor Co. is today. American Heritage appears to have been on a side street somewhere behind Hy-Vee. When I googled the Conley Wollin Funeral Home Chapel, up popped the building across from the Court House. It certainly looks like it could have been a funeral home. And of course you can still buy Surge products.

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    Central Co-Op

    1976 was our 200th birthday celebration and hence the flag in the background. Central Co-op of course is now known as CFS. A little Googling shows that Mosier was just a baby in 1976, having been founded in 1975. And of course I still hear people refer back to the old Cashman Seed and Fertilizer from days gone by.

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    Carpet and Real Estate

    It appears that according to this ad, the Carpet Cart of West Concord was a carpet showroom on wheels. Here's a few other business that are no longer around.

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    Making Butter in Bixby

    I think I like this old ad best. It jarred my memory. I've had no reason to think about Grade "B" or Grade "A" milk anymore. As a young lad I remember "A" dairies had a little higher standard as far as being up to date with the milk going for drinking. Grade "B" farmers like my dad had it a little less restrictive in regards to being modern and their milk went for cheese and butter.